Q1 : What is a private limited company (Sdn Bhd)
A :

A private limited company (Sdn Bhd) is a company limited by shares. It is a company incorporated in Malaysia where the number of shareholders is limited to 50. A private company limited by shares restricts the right to transfer its shares; prohibits any invitation to the public to subscribe for its shares; and prohibits any invitation to the public to deposit money with it.

One of the main characteristics of a private limited company is that it is a separate legal entity distinct from the directors and shareholders. The liability of the shareholders of a company limited by shares is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares held by them respectively.

Q2 : What are the options available to purchase a private limited company
A : 1. To purchase a ready- made Company (Shelf Company); or
2. To incorporate a new Company.
Q3 : What are the general information required for incorporation of companies in Malaysia
A :

1. Proposed names of company
- At least 2 proposed names .

2. Board of directors
- Names, photocopy of identity card, passport.
- Every Company incorporated in Malaysia must have at least One director who must be ordinarily resident in Malaysia. The directors must be natural persons, of at least 18 years of age and not disqualified to act as directors (i.e. not discharged bankrupt or convicted of offences under the Malaysia Companies Act.) If the shareholders are individuals, they can be directors as well.

3. Shareholders
-Names, photocopy of identity card, passport.
-At least One subscriber (shareholder) subscribing their names to a memorandum and complying with the requirements to the registration. The shareholders can either be an individual of any nationality or a corporate person. The directors and shareholders can be the same person.

4. Intended business activities
- Detail description of main business activities.